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Need an Appointment? Use my new appointment scheduler!

Use my new appointment scheduler! Choose a day and time that works for you. Just be sure to send your samples at least 5 days ahead of time, and send your payment at least 2 days ahead of time, and I’ll call you at your scheduled time! Click on “Book Now”.


Hello all! If you are in need of an evaluation this year, please note that I will only be scheduling evaluations beginning June 23rd this summer.

If you are an established client, please be sure to plan on sending in your samples and scheduling calls with me during that time. Please feel free to contact me before then to book your appointment time!

I will be accepting new clients after June 23d. If you are a new client wishing to become an established client, please contact me here!

I look forward to talking with all of you again this year. :-)

Homeschooled – How American Homeschoolers Measure Up

This is an interesting article about the fastest growing type of education today!

The Mom Song

I thought this was hysterical. We need a homeschooling mom version too!

How To Learn Math – Free online course through Stanford University

I’m partial to Stanford University for a couple of reasons. First, my girls participate in Stanford University’s EPGY program, and secondly, my grandmother’s relatives both worked for the University; one as Dean of something-or-another and the other as head librarian. Note to self: start working on documenting these things so that your girls know their history.

Sign up here for EDUC115N: How to Learn Math taught by Jo Boaler, Professor of Mathematics Education.

Who is this course for?

This course is for teachers of math (K-12) or for other helpers of students, such as parents. After the summer I will release a student version of this course. This course provides an opportunity for teachers and parents to preview the ideas for students and think about how they may be useful, as well as learn from new research ideas and share ideas with other teachers and parents who enroll in the course.

Maybe I’ll “see” you there!

Questions About Homeschooling In Florida?

email me
If you have general questions about homeschooling in Florida, are looking for advice or support, please browse this entire site. You will likely find what you are looking for. If you have more in-depth questions, please contact your local school board office.

I strive to encourage and support all of you, however, I am no longer able to return every phone call I receive. I DO try my best to return general inquiries via email, so PLEASE email me first. That is your best chance of getting a response.

I’m happy to help and encourage as much as I can, however, my phone time is extremely limited. If you are inquiring about an evaluation, I will return your call, however, the quickest way to receive a response is to reach out to me by email.

Thanks for understanding!

Local Homeschool Evaluators

If you are technologially challenged, and have done face-to-face evaluations wtih me in the past, this post is for you. :-)

As you may know, my schedule no longer allows me to do face-to-face evaluations. It was my hope that I’d find a local evaluator and post their contact information here on my site. Unfortunately, try as I might, I haven’t been able to find anyone locally to refer you to.

Most of my clients will switch over to the online evaluation which is easy to do, however, if you would rather meet with someone in person, you can contact Jan Zeiger (Seminole County), who may have some openings. Jan and I have known each other for years and you will be in good hands with her. You can contact her at

I hope you all have a wonderful summer!

This is What I Looked Like Last Week


On April 21st my email stopped working. I was communicating with current clients via my personal email which I don’t like to do because I get a LOT of junk there and wading through it for important emails is sometimes frustrating. But not as frustrating as tryingt to figure out WHY my email wasn’t working and then on top of it finding out that my site was down.

In all fairness, it was totally my fault. I have a GREAT hosting company and I’ve been pleased with them for almost 5 years. Turns out I never got the email reminding me that my site needed to be renewed, not because it got buried in the junk mail, but because I never updated my address. Note to self: you do not NEED 4 or 5 email accounts.

After talking with my terrific hosting company and logging back into my cpanel and fixing things, all is well again. Unfortunately, I cannot retrieve any messages that were sent between March 21st and April 1st, so if you tried to contact me through email during that time, please try again!

Many apologizies for the inconvenience! Now that everything is fixed and good to go again, I’m considering updating the site and adding a better graphic to the homepage. If you are versed in photography and can size an image just right and want to graciously send me an image to use, I’ll be happy to give you credit. :) Just send me an email and I’ll be sure to get it and respond!

Changes to My Services ~ Simplicity

clockOne of the most popular topics among homeschooling parents is time. We all want more of it, we claim we need more hours in the day, minutes in the hour, and we wonder how we’ll get everything done in time. We’re in a constant competition with the clock. To think of having time to ourselves is a far-off dream.

I have never enjoyed living this way, and do my best to keep our lives as peaceful as possible around here. I got a little off track last year and so something I am striving for in earnest this year is SIMPLICITY. What a terrific word. For me, it conjures up images of sitting outside on a great Florida Spring day reading a novel at my leisure; of snuggling up with my girls to read a picture book together (something we haven’t done in too long!); taking a nice walk on the beach on a Sunday afternoon as a family, or several other things that make me . Why can’t I actually do some of those things? Can I only dream about them? I realized that I can do some of these things, but it will take making some changes. So I’m working on it. I hope you’ll join me.

One way I’m going to simplify my life this year is to offer exclusively virtual evaluations. I may set one day a month (in the summer months only), to meet local families at our usual Starbucks or Books A Million, however, that is still to be determined. If you are uneasy about the virtual evaluation and what it entails read here and let me assure you that it is no more difficult than carting all your work samples to meet me. In fact, it may be easier! If you are not comfortable with a scanner you still have option of mailing portfolios to me and of dropping them off to me (if you are a local family).

For my tried and true clients who have been doing virtual evaluations for years – thank you! Please post a comment and let the other nervous nellies know that it is not that difficult! :)

Please wish me well on my journey to simplify this year. My children need it from me, my husband needs it, and *I* need it!

I will envision you all doing a little bit of this with me. Let’s really be present to ourselves, our families and enjoy each moment we have with them because time does not have to be an enemy; it is truly a precious gift.

Ah, FCAT Time Again

Why does the mention of the FCAT strike so many intense emotions in people? Could it be because the media hype has gotten to all of us? Are we downright tired of hearing about it? Saddened by the fact that teachers and students have to spend so much time thinking about it (and worrying about) it? Are some of us frightened? Angry? Lukewarm about it? Could care less because your kids don’t have to take it? Nearly everyone has some kind of an opionion on the FCAT.

Here’s what I think. I am glad that my homeschooled children are not judged academically on the basis of one test alone. Sure, I might be curious one day and send my girls to a public school so that they can take the test, who knows? Some people like to do that. When homeschooling parents ask my opinion of having their child take the test, I simply say, IF your child wanted to go to the school evironment, and sit in the classroom for the test, be sure that they understood how the testing environment will be: silent, sparse and tense. IF your child can handle this then go for it. BUT, when the test results come in, don’t take too much stock in the results. Do it for the experience and/or the curiosity only.

My county mails out registration forms to homeschoolers each year in case we want to sign our kids up to take the test. This often incites fear in people because they think it might be a passive-agressive way for “the government” to try to get your kids to take the test. Nothing could be further from the truth. Personally, although I won’t be filling out those forms any time soon, I really appreciate our county homeschool office reaching out to us. It doesn’t happen everywhere.

So, the next time you read about this year’s FCAT results or listen to it on the local news, be glad that you have the opportunity to participate in all the hoopla, and if you choose not to, rejoyce in that instead!