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End Of Year Portfolio Evaluations

woman at computerEnd Of Year Portfolio Evaluations
I offer portfolio evaluation services for homeschoolers across Florida, as well as other states on the East coast. If your state law allows a “certified teacher in any state” to conduct the end of the year portfolio evaluations, I can do yours too! Please check your laws carefully.

Please know that beginning January, 2013, I only conduct “virtual” evaluations. Simply scan and email me samples of what I need to see (read below for details) and then your child and I will have a short follow-up conversation on the phone or via Skype.

You can also mail me your child’s portfolio via USPS. Some people prefer to do this and I will mail it back to you.

Don’t worry! When you come away from a meeting with me you will feel empowered and inspired. Evaluations should always be informative and relaxed.

What You’ll Need To Produce (this is for Florida – other states vary slightly.)

* A log of academic activities.
* Student samples in each subject area from the beginning, middle and end of the school year.
* A list of all books read during the year. Books that you or someone else has read to the student count also.
* Your student. To satisfy state requirements I need to have a short, informal conversation with your student.
* Any questions you may have for me.

Cost: I offer end-of-the-year portfolio evaluations for $45 per child.  Siblings receive a discounted rate of $30.

What I need to see according to FL law, is yearly progress. As a homeschooling mom myself, I know that often the progress you think you’ll make during the year is not exactly what you thought you’d see at the end of the year. It’s often much more than you’d expected!

Please see my FAQ Page for answers to more questions regarding the state requirements, etc.



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